The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 2x09 - “Cased Up” (November 11, 1991)

to clarify with this story and in general



not every thing dealing with bondage is 50 Shades of Grey. not every story dealing with bondage is inspired by 50 Shades of Grey. Bondage in general is not 50 Shades of Grey for the simple fact 50 Shades of Grey is softcore, very softcore. Rarely anything with bondage. Bondage and Submission is a category of it’s own. 

50 Shades is….Idk wtf to describe it but at least you get it. Idk why they relate BDSM, S&M, and all to that book series.


Beyonce look like somebody cousin in this picture
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Beyonce look like somebody cousin in this picture




Going somewhere private and isolated seemed like the best option so that’s the main reason I’m back to my apartment. It might not help in the long run, but maybe it would help me to suppress these feelings  that I had for Robyn lately.

The sexual tension between us was thick enough to cut a knife after that photo shoot we’d shared and right now my desires for her are on a ultimate high and I can’t stay with her under one roof without having the urge of murdering her pussy. I may have had sex with numerous girls but none of them stirred the kind of desire I felt for Robyn. There were times I just want to say ‘fuck it’ and fuck her brains out and probably that will stop this sexual attraction that I feel towards her. But of course I can’t do that to her.

I can’t even look Monica in the eye knowing I did some things with her daughter and it’s eating me up big time. 

I admit, I was stupid for ever agreeing to the whole photo shoot thing but it was all for Robyn. It was big break for her and she needs me and I want to protect her. Well at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I knew I couldn’t give into temptation again and neither could she. So my plan was to avoid her and just to lust for her from a distance.

Keeping myself from a distance, I found to suck it up and push my wayward desires to the back of my mind but that did not take long when I received that call from Monica. I was a little nervous when I answered it, thinking she already knew and was about to cuss my ass out for snagging her daughter but I let out a sigh of relief when I realized that’s not the reason why she was calling. Still it made me worried though when she told me how Robyn been acting lately. She’s asking me if I had an idea why but I haven’t talk to Robyn in weeks so I ain’t know what to tell her. Monica’s motherly instinct tells her that something is up cause Robyn looking depressed but won’t tell her shit.

Thus one of the main reason why I’m now standing in front of Robyn’s door. I’m about to look for some answers. Aside from Monica’s request to go with Robyn at Seminole Heights for a swim.

"You in here, Rob?"

"Hi, Chris. Come on in," I hear Robyn’s sexy accent casually on the other side of the door. Damn that accent.

“Stay down CJ, please don’t rise.” I said to myself as I enter her room. I could feel my dick expanding rapidly against my will. It was just her voice and I have this reaction. wtf?

“In fact, would you mind tying me up?”

“Fuck.” I mumbled lowly as I caught on what she was wearing. She had nothing but a bronze gold bikini that barely covered her tits and what looks like a thong that precariously held together with bits of strings on her small waist. Turning her back to the mirror as she adjusted her bathing suit, she held out the two long strings that attached to her tiny bikini with one hand and brushed her hair aside with the other. “I thought I’d go swimming with the girls at the Seminole Heights,” she said, smiling at me in the mirror. God must be really testing me right now.

Mind over matter, Chris. You can do this.

"Yeah, I know," I stalked up behind her and took the strings from her playing it cool like she didn’t do nothing to aroused my libido.


I know all coherent thoughts and actions will soon escaped me the moment I’ll see Robyn again. Cause that’s exactly what happened as I found myself sitting on her bed yet again in a compromising situation.

Everything went so fast. She was just showing me our erotic photos and right now she was asking me to be inside of her again since she want to get some answers on which position that gave us the most penetration?

The fire in my chest finally will have the opportunity to channel and explore her, touch her, and feel her again. We’ve been here before only difference is that there were no damn cameras and this is not a job we need to accomplish.

It’s so damn tempting…

And was also fucking maddening…

Because every other word out of her mouth right now played as a reminder that she just wanted a quick fix, yet again I was the ideal solution… 

For some reason I was ready to be used by her again. So she just needs a fucking answer? Well damn sure I will give it to her.

I mean if she can be so casual about this then so can I.   

“What exactly do you want me to do?”

“Just this,” she said. “I have a theory that we could tell the best if we watched ourselves in the mirror.” She gestured at the large, flat mirror attached to her dresser that reflected the bed perfectly. “You just need to slide inside me once — once for every position, that is — all the way to the hilt, and by the way it feels and looks we can decide which one gives the best penetration.”


“And that will make you happy?” he asked, the sarcasm heavy in his deep voice.

“I promise it will,” I said brightly. “I just want to know. And, well…” I let my voice trail off as I plucked aimlessly at his fully sleeved tattooed forearm. “I also want to know how it feels when you’re not holding back. I won’t break, you know, Chris. So would you promise me you’ll really thrust as deep and as hard as you can?”

There was a definite bulge in the crotch of his jeans by now, and I knew he wanted to do this as much as I did — maybe more and that were saying something. “All right,” he said at last.

I knew I would have something to say about a few of his conditions later, but for now I just nodded. “Okay.”

Chris sighed. “How do you want to start?”

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Do you ever make grammar mistakes and look back on it like “man I look like an idiot and know the correct thing to use”?

Me. Every damn time.

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The ugly scream that I just let out! My tears!! 😭😭😭😭


50 shades of grey did not create the idea of bondage

50 shades of grey did not create the idea of bondage 

50 shades of grey did not create the idea of bondage 

50 shades of grey did not create the idea of bondage 


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Vol. 1 - Chapter O1




"Good morning Ms.Wu" I mumbled grabbing my mail off of her desk, replacing them with the keys to my husband’s car. As I slowly shuffled through envelopes looking for my letter, it dawned on me it’s been over a week since I tried to reach out to Intel. Obviously they wouldn’t be contacting me anytime soon. Perfect.

"Morning Mrs.Graham, they still haven’t gotten back to you?" She asked looking up at me curiously. I sighed shaking my head as Aubrey came in behind me gripping my waist and kissing the side of my face.

"Morning Starr", he nodded acknowledging Wu before walking past me taking the car keys from the counter. I shook my head watching his slight grin as he walked into his office with that confident strut he had gotten lately. I couldn’t help but smile even as I noticed that sly grin on Starr’s face. 

I hope Ms.Wu doesn’t think that strut is because of her..

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