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Chapter 11: Shots Fired (Sneak Peek….. )

Snippet from chapter 11



Another fucking day, another dollar. I was laying on the bed watching Tone standing in the mirror while he was on the phone planning a drop. I really wish he would get a real fucking job. Anyday he can get caught up and arrested and some more shit…… but he claims he gone take care of me.

How the fuck will I be taken care of if you in jail and Police confiscate all your shit? This is why I have a job…. and one on the side.

Aside from that I’m almost positive he’s been cheating on me. I don’t know nor do I care who it is, but all the signs are there. He’s been really distant towards me, when we have sex he no longer looks satisfied, unless of course I pull out some new tricks on him, and he used to hold me every night. Now he wants his damn space when he’s sleep. I don’t know who he been making love to, but it ain’t me. Lately all he does is fuck me and go downstairs, it’s like a fucking schedule.

Make a drop, Eat, Fuck, Eat, Watch TV…

That’s his cycle although it’s not always in the same order. I admit I was happy when he decided he’d have some close people under him to start doing the dirty work for him… but I thought that’d mean he’d be spending more time with me. Instead he’s been pushing me away and it’s sad I don’t even think he sees it. I don’t know who his mind is on but I haven’t been on it in a while. Seems like every man is looking at me but him.

"Why you staring like that baby?" he asked raising a brow, catching my gaze through the mirror. I simply shook my head telling him it was nothing but of course he didn’t buy that. "Nah, what’s on your mind?" he asked coming and laying next to me kissing my neck. I pulled away knowing where this was heading.

Go fuck that other bitch…

God, this shit would be irking my brain for a long ass time. I should ask him about it, just catch him straight off guard, but I don’t even have to say anything… Women always fucking know, and I know, I feel it.. So right about now I’m just going to keep to myself. It’ll come to light soon, by then I’ll have a place to go. Passion going off for school, Dynasty will be with her father.. I can just leave, go wherever I want. The fuck away from him.

"I’m not in the mood baby" I grumbled rolling over.

"You aight? what’s wrong… talk to me?" He said. I laid there waiting for his embrace, that tight hold when he grabs me from behind comforting me, but it never came. It never came….. He’s fucking somebody else.. he’s fucking cheating..

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