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I used to type a fan fic about them but it’s gone :/ I do have a short that follows up called ‘X’

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Nat and Tone the distort bastards lmfaooo but I’m not gone get into that 😂😭 anyways yeah Passion need to stop while she ahead. Wait til y’all see the rest of the chapter

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17: The Honeymoon [PREVIEW!]



"Oh god!" I cried out clinging onto him for dear life as my back slams against the shower wall. "Toneee!"

"Shhh" he mumbled against my neck slamming his length deeper inside of me making my eyes slightly roll back hissing before biting into his shoulder. After a few more powerful thrusts into my g spot, my walls oozed out on him squeezing his length with a death grip. "Shit!" he growled speeding up. "Open up for me baby"

This was our third round today. Seeing that my mother was always out of the house, and Dynasty was off on a trip for cheer leading, me and Tone were in a slight honeymoon type of phase, constantly humping like rabbits. It’s been like this every morning and evening I get out of school this past week, but the honeymoon didn’t really start here. It started the morning after we went at it in the basement. Carelessly fucking every chance we get and smiling chilling whenever we’re not.

I know you’d think I was the one being careless, I’m the one coming on to him, but that was all Tone. Every chance he gets his hands and lips are on me. I don’t know where all this is coming from, but I’m surely not complaining. 

"I’m.. I’m gonna—" I whimpered before feeling his lips crashing into mines, cumming hard. Our tongues were tangled together, wrestling roughly as he pinned my hands over my head letting the water fall on us. It felt like a dream. A magnificent wet dream I never wanted to wake up from. I didn’t even care that this nigga got my hair wet, I just never wanted this to stop. 

"Ima bust" He groaned trying to work through my shy walls pumping with more strength. I could damn near snatch his condom off the way my walls are gripping him right now, but I couldn’t help it. 

"Fuuuck.. mn cum with me" I whimpered out feeling his swollen length twitch within me as I held his face crashing my lips into his again roughly. I could feel him building up just as fast as I was. The bathroom was an array of grunts and moans as he crammed himself as deep inside of me as he could. Suddenly we heard the front door slightly creak as he snatched himself out of me with lightning speed grabbing a towel and rushing out the bathroom leaving me on the shower floor.

Fuck my life.

I could hear somebody making their way up the steps, and I had no idea who it was but I could care less. Tone was probably in him and mama’s room by now and I still had to get myself off. 

Biting my lip I tilted my head back against the shower wall slipping a few fingers inside of myself and pulsing them slowly as Tone lingered my mind. Letting out a soft moan I finger fucked myself into a less powerful orgasm. 

Still mad this nigga dashed out the bathroom like Zorro.

By time I got out, got dried off and got dressed, I came out of my room to find Tone in his doorway as my mother came up wrapping her arms around his neck giving him a gentle kiss. Cute. I continued my way down the steps with a smile. Good to see them getting along again. \

Last time I checked it was something off about them, something that kept her out and kept him in my bed; kudos to them.

Not that I care..

Autumn Leaves

Prequel short to X


"Did you fuck him?" I asked holding back my tears, my eyes still closed. I heard nothing come from her lips but an exhausted huff. That answers my question. "You love him?"

"Do you love her?"

"I never touched her" I mumbled before taking another hit from my blunt before putting it out in the ashtray running my hands down my face and shaking my head. "I never… ever touched her". When I was the one that did the fucking up she’d be yelling and screaming in my face. This time was different. This time she was silent and everything that did come out her mouth was a plot to flip everything on me. That was all the confirmation I needed. "…you love him"

She remained silent.

I nodded getting up. That’s all I needed to know, at that very moment it was evident I had lost her.

"Maurice I didn’t mean—"

"Blaze don’t.. don’t patronize me. If you love him that’s where you need to be." I said grabbing my jacket. Instead of saying anything she watched me without a word. She didn’t even put up a fight. It was really over with. "I’ll get my things in the morning", I said nodding and kissing her forehead. "I love you.."

"Don’t… say that"

"It’s the truth though. Even if this is the end Blaze don’t act like I feel any different. I still love you with all my heart", I admitted furrowing my eyebrows and lifting her chin. "You are my soul mate and I know.. I know I didn’t do my best to be there for you.. I know I wasn’t there when you needed me the most, when Noah needed me.. even if you’re moving on.. I’m sorry B.. and I’m gone always love you"

As I spoke I realized that underlying tone full of hope. Hope this wasn’t it, hoping she wasn’t going to throw away what we had. We both made some mistakes but a lifetime of love we built to be tossed away in the blink of an eye. It scared me like hell.

Staring into her eyes, I wished and waited for her to say that it wasn’t true. That she wasn’t going to let me walk away, but it never came. I leaned in to peck her lips and she quickly turned her head away.

"You should go…"

I bit my lip and nodded slowly. After that I slid on my coat and shoes taking one last look at her before leaving out the front door. She’d made her choice and this time she’d have to stick to it.

Once she leaves, we both know.. she can’t turn back

Now, Why did Christopher Maurice Jose Benard Jeffery Brown shave off his facial hair

He know damn well he look like a naked mole rat. He’s my fucking baby but he know damn well cutting his blonde hair and shaving his face.. Got this nigga looking like 2006 without the sweat suit. I’m not about to play with him. 

Anonymous sent: The end of "Drunk Texting" was unexpected and certainly a twist to the short. She was saying all types of shit about him and his girl but her ending reply was simple & honest. Good job on this short. I enjoyed reading it.

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